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Barad Introduction

Pars Barad Khalaghane Mobtaker, Ergonomic and Medical Manufacturer.

A new sense of comfort and safety in the workplace with Barad ergonomic products.
Pars Barad Khalaghane Mobtaker, Ergonomic and Medical Manufacturer, founded in 2009 with a focus on high-performance tools that support a healthy, more active way of working. Our company is located in Mashhad industrial zone in Iran. Our product designed according to human factors engineering of computer workstation. Health aspect of our products is the decrease of musculoskeletal pain, spine disorders, eventually lead to productivity increase and medical costs decrease.

Barad is now the ergonomics leader with a reputation for designing intuitive products which improve the comfort and health of office workers. As the pioneer and leader of office ergonomics in Iran. Our products certificated in science by Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, recommended by Mashhad University of medical science and health services. We work on variety of products including lumbar supports, seat cushions, monitor stands, foot rest in best quality and the use of anthropometric measurement for ergonomic design.

In our modern sedentary culture, we sit too much on chair at work, driving or in front of TV, etc. incorrect prolonged sitting posture has involved so many people to low back pain, musculoskeletal, and spine disorders. Ergonomic office furniture and equipment put your body in best posture in order to decrease damage to the body. ergonomic design refers to the application of human factors and the characteristic of the human being in order to more adaptation between body and workplace. we can't tell how comfort is an adjustable monitor stand which arranges the monitor in eye level or a lumbar support cushion which support your spine, you should feel just yourself. A ergonomic product is a new feeling of peace, security, comfort and even respect you as a human being. We hope you use our products and tell us how you feel.