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Whiplash involves a sudden movement of the head when person’ head moves backwards and then forwards that can lead to the tearing of muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues. As much as the distance between your head and the head rest is closer to each other, the move back of your head will be limited. Therefore, the injury to your neck can be easily prevented. Auto accident symptoms include neck pain, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, arm pain, mid back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, and etc.
The head and neck support for car seats can help passengers from a whiplash neck injury while riding in a vehicle

Hami Neck Support fits the curve of neck and supports spine for decreasing pressure on the cervical spine. It prevents neck muscles tightness and strain therefore you will experience comfort and pleasant driving when installing this product on your car seats.
Hami Neck Support maintains proper neck posture so prevents reverse cervical curve, as well as cervicogenic headache, herniated disk and spine disorders.

If you use this product while driving, Please avoid reclining the seat back more than 100 degrees as this can lead to inclined head upward, thus limiting your vision.


Enjoy the ultimate comfort for resting in a car or any vehicle. Excellent for adults who want to sleep while traveling and keep the head, neck and upper back steady and supported. Includes a custom fitted travel pillow case.

Perfectly cradles your head.
 Incredible neck support.
 Excellent support for your uppper back.
Easily attaches to automobile headrests with velcro straps (included) to provide secure and comfortable rest or sleep.
Specially supportive for the neck and head when passengers fall asleep while traveling.
Available in one size fits all. For children at least 8 years old and adults.
Made of soft foam and has a very nice looking and comfortable cover. Measures 16″ long by 8.5″ wide. Support wings extend out to 4″ and it slopes from 1 to 3 inches at the neck roll along the 16 inches.

Using The Head And Neck Support For Car Seats
For Auto Seats with adjustable backs and headrests. Use the fastening straps to attach your Head And Neck Support For Car Seats. Proper installation is essential to experience the full benefits.
1.    Observe details of Velcro fastening straps.
2.    Attach velcro straps to headrest and press back of support on center front of headrest, against hooked velcro straps.
3.    Sit in seat, adjust headrest up or down until support fits snuggly. If necessary adjust support position on Velcro up or down.
4.    Recline back as needed until you have achieved a comfortable position, with neck supported.
5.    Now you may relax and sleep comfortably as a passenger in a vehicle. You will feel support on your upper back, neck and head with your head and neck support for car seats.