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TanAsa Ergonomic Seat Cushion


TanAsa Ergonomic Seat Cushion


Made in IRAN

Ergonomic Design

Best Fit for Car Seats, Office Chairs, Home Furniture, Wheel Chairs, Airline Seats

3D Spacer Upholstery, Washable, Breathable Cover

Made of High Resilience Flexible Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam, Doesn’t flatten over Time

3D Speaser Upholstry, Washable Breathable Fabric

Distributes your body weight more evently to alleviate pressure on the sitting bones, comfort sitting
When sitting, the weight is frequently placed upon the ischial tuberosity. if we sit on a flat surface, the Ischial bones at the bottom of the pelvis rub into a small focal area of gluteal soft tissue and the sciatic nerves and vessels. The ischial tuberosites make up only 8% of the seat surface but carry up to 65% of the body’s weight. as we sit, after time, the skin under the ischial tuberosities experience pressure. the capillaries to close, resulting in the skin cells beginning to die due to lack of oxygen and nutrients.this can occur in as little as 10 to 15 minutes if here has been no weight shifting.


Prevents low back pain and spine disorders
Wedge shape helps restore Lumbar Curve and comforts spinal discs. Angled Wedge design rotates your pelvis, reducing strain on your lower spine.

Coccyx cutout relieves pressure on sensitive tailbone area.
The “Zero-pressure Tailbone cutout “ minimizes direct contact between the sensitive tailbone area and a chair, reducing uncomfortable stress and pressure that can build-up during prolonged seating


Body contour. Anatomic shape contours to fit the curves of lower body for a comfortable seat anywhere you go.
Absorbs vehicle vibrations, Decreases musculoskeletal injuries


Curved front design avoids pressure to lower thights